Fall 2018

10/03/18- Duane Waliser (JPL), Atmospheric Rivers: Water Extremes that Shape Our Global Weather and Climate

10/10/18- Dennis Baldocchi (UC Berkeley), How much water is evaporated across California during the booms and busts in rainfall?: Experiences from measuring and modeling evaporation across California between 2000 and 2017

10/17/18- Boyi Wang (UCLA), Imaging 2D structures of transient and localized solar wind-magnetosphere interaction

10/24/18- Cecilia Bitz (UW), Drivers of Souther Ocean climate change in recent decades

10/31/18- Victor Pinto (UCLA), Influence of the Solar Wind in the dynamics of relativistic electrons on the Earth's Radiation Belts

11/07/18- Spencer Hill (UCLA), Back to the basics for monsoons, Hadley cells, and rotating tanks

11/14/18- Harlan Spence (University of New Hampshire), Q: Precipitation, Kelvin-Helmholtz Waves, and Turbulence - Atmospheric Science or Space Science? A: Both!

11/28/18- Shafer Smith (NYU), The role eddy stirring in structuring Arabian Sea oxygen distributions

12/05/18- David Randall (Colorado State University), Interactions of convection and radiation under homogeneous boundary conditions on the sphere, with and without rotation

Spring 2018

6/13/18 - L. Ruby Leung (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory), “Modeling Mesoscale Convective Systems and their Large-scale Environments”

6/6/18 - Gaby Katul (Duke), “A universal scaling law for gas transfer velocities across complex interfaces”

5/30/18 - Ryan McGranaghan (NASA-JPL), “Studying the weather in space with Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) signals”

5/23/18 - David Dauhajre (UCLA), "Submesoscale Currents in the Coastal Ocean"

5/16/18 - David Ridley (MIT), "exploring the drivers and effects of multi-decadal changes in aerosol"

5/9/18 - Yi-Hung Kuo (UCLA), "Convective transition statistics for climate model diagnostics"

5/2/18 - Amy Clements (University of Miami), "Rethinking the Role of the Ocean in the Atlantic Multi-Decadal Climate Variability"

4/25/18 - Joern Callies (Caltech), "Submesoscale eddies in the abyssal ocean"

4/18/18 - Becky Alexander (UW), "Sulfate aerosol formation in polluted and pristine environments"

4/4/18 - Alyson Santoro (UCSB), "Nitrification and nitrous oxide oxide production in open ocean and coastaloxygen deficient zones"

Winter 2018

3/14/18 - Lynne Talley (Scripps Institution of Oceangraphy)

3/7/18 - Kristen Davis (UCI), “Fate of internal waves on a shallow shelf”

2/28/18 - Timu Gallien (UCLA), "Urban Coastal Flood Prediction: Beaches, Backshores and Bathtubs”

2/21/18 - Tapio Schneider (Caltech), "Expectations and surprises about climate feedbacks from low clouds"

2/14/18 - Dilhara Ranasinghe (UCLA), "Effect of sound wall-vegetation combination barriers on pollution dispersion from freeways”

2/7/17 - Sarah Kapnick (NOAA), “Potential for Seasonal Snowpack Prediction”

1/31/18 - Ann Marie Carlton (UCI), "Aerosol optical thickness: conncecting surface mass to measurements from outer space"

1/24/18 - David Romps (UC Berkeley), "The void: How the atmosphere's humidity deficit sets cloud cover and storm intensity"

1/17/18 - Kim Prather (UCSD), "Advancing our understanding of aerosol on clouds, climate, and precipitation over California”

1/10/18 - Tina Chow (UC Berkeley), “Wind energy and the stable boundary layer”

Fall 2017

11/29/17- Marianna Linz (UCLA), “The Circulation of the Stratosphere from Observations”

11/15/17- Manabu Shiraiwa (UCI), “Multiphase chemistry of organic aerosols and reactive oxygen species in the atmosphere”

11/01/17- Ronald Kwok (NASA-JPL), “Sea ice thickness from space: Why is it so difficult?”

10/25/17- Nina Bednarsek (NOAA/SCCWRP), “Using pteropod in disentangling multiple stressor effects in the California Ecosystem”

10/18/17- Thomas Lauvaux (Penn State), "Atmospheric Inversion of Urban Greenhouse Gas Emissions”

10/11/17- Alan Barreca (UCLA), "Adapting to Climate Change: The Remarkable Decline in The Health Costs of Extreme Heat Over the 20th Century”

10/04/17- Juan Lora (UCLA), “Westerlies, Atmospheric Rivers, and Moisture Transport to North America Since the Last Glacial Maximum”





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