Your Gift Matters

Gifts to Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences contribute to the department’s history of excellence and the global impact of research by our students and faculty.

Become a contributor

Your support of AOS can be focused within any of the following areas:

  • Strengthening our new Climate Science major
  • Graduate fellowships
  • Undergraduate research support
  • Capital improvements including support for common department computing, data storage, and research infrastructure
  • Endowed faculty chairs
  • Endowed lectures
  • Post-doctoral fellowship

Chair’s Discretionary Fund

The department’s most flexible donor fund is used primarily for immediate one-time needs. These may include graduate recruitment, conferences, seminar support, renovations, equipment or other support for research, instruction or community building, support for visiting lecturers and scholars, community outreach, and/or to address urgent needs that arise, such as those related to COVID.


Endowments provide a lasting legacy of support for AOS and the critical scientific discovery it is making towards the understanding of our environment. From these investments, awards are given to outstanding graduate students for service and positive contributions to the departmental community, achievement in academics and teaching, graduate recruitment, conference travel, and more. Endowed faculty chairs are also critical to retaining the best mentors and educators within our department.

To read about students who have benefitted from support enabled through endowments, click here.

Special Programs

The department is enriched by unique gifts targeting specific needs. One example is our annual Michio Yanai Distinguished Lecture, established in memory of the former AOS professor and distinguished researcher in tropical meteorology. It brings leading scholars to campus each spring for meetings with students and faculty, as well as a public lecture on significant climate research. Click here for information about the annual Michio Yanai Distinguished Lecture, which takes place each May.

Online donations may be made by clicking here or by reaching out to Amber Buggs in the UCLA College Development Office, (310) 994-5782 or

Thank you for contributing to the support of generations of impactful young scientists within the Department of Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences.