The department of AOS offers three bachelor of science programs, the Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences (AOS) majorthe Climate Sciences major, and the Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences/ Mathematics major. Our graduates go on to graduate school in the sciences and engineering, the National Weather Service, K-12 education, environmental law, and other jobs in the private and public sectors.

AOS Major

The Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences major is a very flexible program leading to a wide variety of career options, including graduate study in atmospheric and oceanic sciences. read more

Climate Science Major

With climate change one of the most pressing issues facing the world, this new bachelor’s degree program will provide the scientific training that empowers students to be part of the solution. read more

AOS / Math Major

The AOS/Math is a capstone major designed to be an efficient alternative to a double major and to provide particularly good preparation for advanced study. read more

AOS Minor

The Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences minor provides a formal vehicle for students specializing in other science fields to pursue interest in the atmospheric and oceanic environment. read more

UCLA Undergraduate Research Center – Sciences

The Undergraduate Research Center – Sciences serves students and faculty in all areas of life and physical sciences, and mathematics. Their primary mission is to promote, develop and celebrate undergraduate student research with the overall goal of enhancing undergraduate education and preparing students, including those from disadvantaged backgrounds, for academic and research careers. read more

For information on planning your degree and sample program plans, see here. Please note that these are sample guidelines and that every student’s program plan will differ depending on course availability, scheduling, personal obligations, timing of the decision to pursue the major, and previous credit received.  We strongly recommend students work with the department and College to plan their own personal programs.