Professor Emeritus Richard Thorne

Professor Emeritus Richard Thorne passed away on July 12th at his home in Boise, Idaho from complications of lymphoma.  He passed away peacefully, surrounded by his wife, Monica, his brother, Mike, and his sons, Peter, Michael and Thomas.  Richard’s research focused on a fundamental understanding

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FIREX-AQ Project

Graduate students Katie Tuite and Nathaniel Brockway installing the UCLA mini-DOAS telescope on NASA’s DC8 research aircraft in preparation for the FIREX-AQ project. FIREX-AQ will study the emissions and chemistry of forest fires in the western US.

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AOS Graduate Student Alex Arnold Wins UC President’s Award for Outstanding Student Leadership

Alex Arnold, an AOS graduate student studying climate science was given this honor for her exceptional leadership in student mentorship and building pathways to STEM higher education for underrepresented students.

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Sustainable LA Grand Challenge

Various UCLA Scholars have come together in an effort to set Los Angeles on a sustainable path forward. These scholars, coming from a range of disciplines, are looking to enable the region to be 100 percent reliant on renewable energy and local water.

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PhD Candidate Ken Zhao: Research on how the seafloor has great implications for sea levels

Ken Zhao, a PhD candidate at AOS, recently had his work on how the seafloor affects melting glaciers posted on the UCLA Physical Sciences website. 


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