Teaching Assistantship

Teaching Assitantships

AOS normally offers 50% teaching assistantships during the academic year. If you’re interested in a teaching assistantship, please contact Denise Lopez.

Teaching Assistantship Support Funding- The salaries below are based on an academic year 50% appointment (9 months). 

Teaching Assistant- $21,911.50

Teaching Associate- $24,456.50

Teaching Fellow- $25,689.50

Most students receive fee remission in addition to salary.


$17,486.74         Tuition & Fees

Non-Resident (includes out-of-state and international students)

$17,486.74         Tuition & Fees

$15,102.00         Nonresident Supplemental Tuition

$32,588.74         Total Tuition and Fees

TA Description

The primary duty of teaching assistants is assistance in all aspects of instruction (tutoring, grading, advising, sectional teaching, sectional laboratory teaching, field work teaching, limited lecturing).

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