Research Assistantship

UCLA Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
Sample Financial Support Packages

Research Assistantship Support Funding (2008-2009)

$13,832.00     Salary/Stipend (Academic Year – 9 months)$8,736.00 Summer Salary/Stipend (July, August, September)$22,568.00 Total Salary/Stipend Support Most incoming students receive health/fees remissions and non-resident tuition (if applicable during their first year of study) in addition to salary/stipend.


$9,324.00    Fees

Non-Residents (includes out-of-state and international students)

$14,694.00  Tuition$ 9,636.00  Fees$24,330.00 Total Tuition and Fees 

  • General Circulation of the Atmospheres and Climate Modeling
  • Space Physics
  • Remote Sensing and Radiative Transfer
  • Atmospheric Chemistry and Biogeochemistry
  • Weather and Climate Dynamics

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