Weather Synopsis – October 26, 2023

James Murakami

NOTE: Weather Conditions at sites below–

Current UCLA Data at a Glance

Current UCLA Data Summary

Notice: The AOS department has decided on not updating the weather page (been broken for some time now), This includes the five day, campus forecast and synopsis. The page with current UCLA weather conditions will continue, however (it’s a Davis Instruments site).

I am continuing to assess whether there is sufficient demand to continue writing the weekly synopses/blogs. Please let me know (James Murakami: if you would like to see the synopses continue (would likely get moved to a separate page within the AOS revamped site). In the meantime, I will continue the synopsis for at least the remainder of this month.

Sorry about no synopsis yesterday. My father’s health declined considerably. Time permitting, I will provide a synopsis sometime next week.