Fact Checks: AOS Contributing to Debunking Misinformation

Alex Flores

Two fact-checking articles were published to dispel misinformation. The first, by USA Today, focuses on the relationship between CO2 levels and global warming. The article cites data analyzed by a machine learning model and the insights of Paulson, the director of UCLA’s Center for Clean Air, to confirm that there is a strong correlation between rising CO2 levels and a rise in global temperatures. This type of collaboration between experts and data analysis helps provide accurate information to the public, which is crucial in shaping informed opinions and actions.

The second fact-check article, published by AP News, debunks the false idea that the moon’s position in the sky affects tides on Earth. The article cites research by Andrew Stewart, an associate professor of atmospheric and oceanic sciences, to prove that the moon’s gravitational pull, not its position, is responsible for tides. By including expert perspectives and credible evidence, this fact-check helps to promote scientific literacy and counter the spread of misinformation.