Research Assistantship

Research Assistantship

Graduate Student Researcher (GSR) assistantships may be available as 50% positions during the academic year and can increase to 100% positions during the summer term.

GSR Funding- The salaries below are based on a step 4 GSR position during the academic year (9 months) and summer term (3 months).  For a complete list of GSR salaries, please refer to the GSR Salary Scale.

$20,083.50         Academic Year (October- June)

$13,389.00         Summer Term (July- September)

Most students receive fee remission in addition to salary.


$17,486.74         Tuition & Fees

Non-Resident (includes out-of-state and international students)

$17,486.74         Tuition & Fees

$15,102.00         Nonresident Supplemental Tuition

$32,588.74         Total Tuition and Fees

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