Jonathan Mitchell’s Greeley Early Career Award in Planetary Science


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UCLA Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences assistant professor Jonathan L. Mitchell received the 2013 Ronald Greeley Early Career Award in Planetary Science at the 2013 AGU Fall Meeting, held 9–13 December in San Francisco, Calif. The award recognizes significant early-career contributions to planetary science. The Greeley Early Career Award is named for pioneering planetary scientist Ronald Greeley. Ron was involved in nearly every major planetary mission from the 1970s until his death and was extraordinarily active in service to the planetary science community. Ron’s greatest legacies, however, are those he mentored through the decades, and it is young scientists whose work and promise the award seeks to recognize.

We at the department would like to congratulate Johnathan on this award and achievement.

A copy of the anouncement can be found on the Eos, Transactions American Geophysical Union journal.