AOS Professor Alex Hall to lead environmental bike expedition along California’s coast


AOS Professor Alex Hall will embark on a 1,000-mile trek to educate, learn and engage with the public on climate change.

This July, UCLA is partnering with the nonprofit organization OnePulse for the California Climate Expedition, the three-week bike ride. Forty riders will get a chance to cruise 1,000 miles of California coastline and meet top environmental experts and locations affected by climate change — places like the San Francisco Bay delta, through which much of the state’s water resources flow, and Santa Barbara County, which was ravaged by the Thomas Fire and subsequent mudslides that killed 21.

The ride will begin in Arcata, California, about 90 miles south of the state’s border with Oregon, and follow the coast south to Los Angeles. Subject matter experts from government, nonprofit organizations and universities will join the ride to engage in dialogues about the effects of climate change, from concerns about water resources to effects on local ecosystems. Hall plans to talk about his own findings as well.

In the process, riders will raise funds for the UCLA Center for Climate Science’s future research, which in turn will help the state prepare for future challenges.