Cody Ashe-McNalley
Systems Administrator / Programmer
cody [at] atmos.ucla.edu
MSA 7101
Daphne Dizon
Academic Personnel Coordinator
djdizon [at] atmos.ucla.edu
MS 7127
Monica Fiello
Administrative Assistant
Geoff Girard
Chief Administrative Officer
girard [at] atmos.ucla.edu
MS 7133
Katrina Hales
Staff Research Associate
Grace Leon
Contract and Grants Manager
gleon [at] atmos.ucla.edu
MS 7127
Denise Lopez
Student Affairs Officer
dlopez [at] atmos.ucla.edu
MS 7127
Diana McWilliams
Administrative Specialist
dmcw [at] atmos.ucla.edu
MSA 7983
Joyce E. Meyerson
Staff Research Associate
James Murakami
Staff Meteorologist
tenki [at] atmos.ucla.edu
MS 7101
Paul Northrop
Assistant Development Engineer
Caitlyn Ongjoco
Admistrative Specialist
congjoco [at] atmos.ucla.edu
Katharine Reich
Administrative Specialist
Rigoberto Resendiz
Contract and Grants Manager
rigoberto.resendiz [at] stat.ucla.edu
MS 8125D
Henry Zapata
User Support Specialist
henryz [at] atmos.ucla.edu
MS 7101