Phenomenology, Dynamics and Perseverance of Observed Mid-latitude Clouds in Saturn's Moon, Titan

June 2, 2021 3:00pm to 4:00pm
270 Seminar


Speaker: Tersi Arias-Young

Institution: UCLA Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences 


Titan, the largest moon of Saturn, has a fully developedatmosphere analogous to that of Earth’s because it iscomposed mainly of nitrogen. Moreover, methane playsa role similar to water in the hydrological cycle on ourplanet, generating clouds and rain. Examining the morphologies of Titan’s clouds provides ageneral physical perspective of observed storms andtheir relation to atmospheric dynamics. We study thecloud activity to describe storm characteristics andsearch for time evolution patterns to identify thedynamics behind them, and we find that just as wavesorganize storms on Earth, they do on Titan as well. In this talk, three important stages of the work will bepresented: i) The search for cloud phenomena inobservations of images collected by the Cassini ImagingScience System (ISS) during Titan flybys; ii) The imageprocessing that produces an enhanced view of theclouds and the steps to construct plots that provideinsight into their spatial and temporal evolution; iii) Thephysical interpretation of an observed storm through acombined analysis of observations and simulations.